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Yacht Charter in Menorca Balearics

Mahon, Cala ‘n’ Porter, Santo Tomas, Ciutadella

Menorca the Windy Island of the Balearics Legend tells that the winds of Menorca modify the personality of people. Maybe that is the reason why those who come here once as tourists mostly return … Menorca certainly has a very strong personality, and a very different one to the rest of the islands.
Menorca, the “minor” island, as it was called by Romans, has an almost virginal interior (compared for instance to the “major” island, Mallorca) and shows interesting remains of its old history. On the other hand, Menorca is famous for its beaches with over 120 of them.

Starting point: Mahon (Mao)

Mahon is a wonderful city with a long history and its the place to start a yacht charter in Menorca. The city was the capital under British rule and is rich in reminders of its Georgian past whilst still maintaining the Mediterranean atmosphere of bustling pavement cafes, marvellous markets and town squares perfect for an evening stroll.

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