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Yacht Charter in Sardinia

Portisco, Alghero, Palau, Emerald Coast, Porto Cervo, Lavezzi, Maddalena.

Sardinia is situated in the middle of the western Mediterranean, lies just 12 kms from Corsica and at a distance of 120 kms from Tuscany. It is surrounded by shallow seas, and its coastline measures 1,800 kms in total. Sardinian coasts are generally high and rocky, and in many sections run more or less straight; the coast is however varied by more articulated sections, with promontories and wide and deep bays surrounded by islets. Where the coast is low and leads to plains, the sea seems at times to reach inland by means of marshes, wetlands or sandy dunes. The coast is more rugged and broken in large sections in the northwest and northeast.

Starting points

Santa Teresa, Cannigione, Palau, Portisco, Alghero.

Those are the ideal points to start a yacht charter in Sardinia to reach Corsica, the Emerald Coast and the archipelago of la Maddalena: Lavezzi, Cavallo, Budelli, Spargi, Budelli, Caprera, Porto Cervo.


Carloforte is the main and only city of the Island di San Pietro. Up on the hill you will find an old-city wall and the small historical museum of the island. The beauty and originality of these places, together with an incredible mild climate are rapidly creating an expansion of the tourist and sailing industry.


By ferry from the ports of Olbia, Porto Torres, Palau and Santa Teresa Gallura.
Connections to Sardinia are carried out by various shipping lines with departures from Genoa, La Spezia, Livorno, Piombino, Naples, Rome, Palermo and Corsica (Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio).

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