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Yacht Charter in the Ionian Sea

Corfu, Gouvia, Kefalonia, Paxos, Lefkas, Vounaki.

Corfu is the first of the seven Ionian Islands. Proceeding south from Corfu, you come to the islands of Paxi and Antipaxi, Lefkas, Ithaca, Kefalonia and Zakynthos, and the island of Kythira. To those of you who visualize a Greece of sunbaked rock dotted with dazzling whitewashed houses, the Ionian comes as a gentle surprise.
This is not the Greece of the popular travel brochure but a shaded green country, sheltering red tiled Latin houses an eccentric collection of Italian and French architecture and English tastes (in Corfu the locals play cricket and you can buy currant buns and ginger beer) welded together into a whole that is indubitably Greek.

Evergreen cypress, pine, elm, green fields, flowers even in height of summer, and everywhere the dull dark sheen of the olive, characterize the lower land while higher up the slopes are covered in pine and the tenacious Mediterranean maquis.
If the wind is in the right direction you can smell the pungent herby aroma a mile out to sea. The green luxuriance of the islands is in direct contrast to the high eroded mountains of Albania and mainland Greece that form the eastern boundary to the Ionian.

Here there is a barren backdrop to the islands that gives a taste of the topography to come. In between there are protected waters where the wind seldom blows too strongly and a multitude of little anchorages accessible during a yacht charter in the Ionian sea. From the inland sea bordered by Lefkas, Ithaca and Kefalonia you leave the rolling almost English landscape of Zakynthos to confront the rocky slopes of the Peloponnese.

Marinas & starting point

Yacht charter in Corfu (Gouvia marina)

Gouvia Marina is situated in the lovely green Gouvia Bay at Kontokali. The taxi ride from the airport to the marina takes about 20 minutes.
Water on the pier available, free of charge and fuel Station inside the marina.
You will find a big supermarket with a variety of products ans also Tourist shops, restaurants and bars.Starting point to : Paxos, Lefkas, Meganisi, Mourtos.

Yacht charter in Lefkas (Lefkada)

Marina Lefkas is located in Lefkas canal, at the site of the main port. The taxi ride from the Preveza airport to the marina takes about 30 minutes.
Water and electricity on the pier, free of charge. There is a fuel station situated at the North East of the marina. Many quality taverns, restaurants, cafes and bars are located within walking distance of the marina.Parking facilities are available.

Starting point to : Nidri, Fiskardo, Zakynthos Island, Agia Efthimia (Kefalonia Island), Vathi (Ithaki Island), Porto Leone (Kalamos), Vathi (Meganisi Island)


The marina is located on the Greek continental coast, in the East of Lefkas, 30 minutes from Preveza Airport. There is a small market in the marina where you can make your provisions and typical restaurants.
Starting point to : Spartahori, Sivota, Leucade, Fiscardo, Kioni, Ithaque, Abelike bay (Meganissi).

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