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Yacht Charter in Cyprus


There are truly worlds to discover during a yacht charter in Cyprus, where the service is extraordinary and the people (often English-speaking!) are as warm as the Mediterranean sun. Cyprus, an island of spectacular beauty with sandy beaches enclosed by rugged cliffs, cool cedar forests. An historic island, the third largest in the Mediterranean. The whims of history have endowed Cyprus with an incomparably rich heritage, making it a world-renowned destination for anyone interested in art, history, and culture. Stone Age ruins, Greek temples, Roman theaters, Venetian structures and Byzantine churches cover the island. Golden icons, colorful frescoes and archaic statuary are among the artifacts that will captivate you, taking you back centuries.

Inveterate shoppers, too, have much to celebrate. Stroll through the glittering jewelry stores, handicraft centers and local boutiques. Delicately woven Cypriot lace, hand-turned pottery, and regional paintings and sculptures are among the souvenirs and gifts travelers most often bring home.
When the thoughts of some turn to bed, night owls begin to plan their evenings.
Cyprus is famed for hospitality that knows no hours; tavernas, night clubs, bars, and discos that draw international crowds can be found in every major town during your yacht charter in Cyprus.
For those who love a good party but don’t want to stay up all night, there are wine festivals, Carnival revelry, village fairs and many other island celebrations.
Families enjoy the wide variety of activities the island holds for both adults and children.
Couples find themselves happily alone on empty beaches or wandering through quiet villages.

Yacht charter from Larnaka

Larnaka Marina is situated in the bay of Larnaka and lies 110 nautical miles from Beirut and Tripoli, 182 n.m. from Tel-Aviv, 230 n.m. from Port-Said and 300 n.m. from Rhodes. The marina is situated in the town of Larnaca at fifteen minutes driving from Larnaka International Airport.
The position of the Marina is 34 deg. 55 min. North – 33 deg. 38 min. East.The Marina is entirely protected from all weather conditions. The Marina has security guards on a 24hour basis. Access to the Marina is controlled and limited to yachtowners and crews. Facilities within the marina are very good and include hot showers, food and provisions store, coffe shop and telecommunications center. Banks for foreign exchange within walking distance (10 minutes) outside the marina.


Cruising is restricted only to Cyprus Waters, under the control of the republic of Cyprus.
Inaccessible ports: Kyrenia, Famagusta, Karavostasi.
We strongly recommend not to proceed further of Pomos fishing harbour in the Northwest side and of Paralimni port in the east side.

  • Boat+crew
  • Luxury yacht
Princess P 6222000 €
2 8 19.3 m 2 x 1015 hp
Destination : Cyprus
Clipper 115M22000 €
85 170 115.5 m hp
Destination : Caribbean
Build year : 1991
Clipper 134M22000 €
98 227 134 m 1370 hp
Destination : Caribbean
Build year : 2000
    Yacht 90M695000 €
    18 40 90 m 2500 hp
    Destination : Mediterranean
    Build year : 2002