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Yacht charter Puerto La Cruz Venezuela

Mochima National Park

Puerto La Cruz has four important marinas and countless docks in the surrounding islands. It is possible to organize a schedule that includes one or more cruises to the islands and keys that belong to the Mochima National Park, a tour around the most interesting places in Barcelona, and a visit to one of the many farms near Puerto La Cruz. Enjoy each night discovering the night life that the restaurants and bars of the Paseo Colón have to offer. Mochima National Park is the group of islands seen from the coast and the surrounding waters were declared as a National Park in 1973, under the name of Bahía de Mochima (Mochima Bay). During your yacht charter from Puerto la Cruz, it will be possible to enjoy all the wonders offered by its many islands and islets, the pleasures of white sand and blue sea, and experience close encounters of any king with nature.

Los Testigos Islands

Located at 80 NM west from Grenada and 45 NM east of Margarita this mostly uninhabited island have been for centuries, long isolated from significant human impact. The underwater at the collision point of warm and cold currents from the sea and from the amazonia, create a perfect feeding ground for fish. There, 160 or so fishermen, all part of the same extended family, allowing no one else to fish their waters. They chase off disruptive yachters and are determined to preserve their traditional way of live. If you are looking for tropical beauty, totally Caribbean, nature with its own personality… Then plan to stay several days in this paradise!

Isla Margarita

The principal mooring is near downtown at Porlamar, but several other around the islands .Facing the east coast of Venezuela with white sand beaches, coral reefs and lagoons reflected in the deep blue of the Caribbean Sea, is the island of Margarita. In Margarita you find an abundance of night life and casinos well worth it. More travelers are coming to Margarita than any other destination in Venezuela. You find good prices on electronics, liquor and food.
Isla Margarita still has a few well kept secrets as the small town of Juan Griego and Playa Galera, the islands of Coche, Isla Blanquilla, Isla Tortuga, Los Testigos and the island of Cubagua. These are worth while a visit.

Isla Coche

2 hours 1/2 of quiet navigation south from Porlamar. You will discover a really large beach really appreciated by funboarder and kitesurfer.

Isla Cubagua

3 1/2 hours of quiet navigation from Porlamar. Famous for the pearls extraction during the Spanish colony (there are many still left!). Nueva Cadiz, the real first city founded in South America was there. Quiet and protected anchorages. Wreck and coral reef snorkeling available.

Isla Blanquilla

Receives that name because of some startlingly alabaster beaches of sugar powder sand. Little currents, crystal clear waters shallow reefs with biodiversity, rich underwater life and friendly snorkeling. Still virgin, in a pure natural stage, this national Park is inhabited only by few fishermen and some coastguards.

Isla Tortuga

You can spend a week sampling the variety of this uninhabited and unspoiled island. You will surprised by a rainbow of blues from shimmering turquoise of aquarium shallows to heavy cobalt due to the pristine coral reefs . You will love the serenity and the diversity of this undeveloped island: the beaches are considered as the most beautiful in the world. You can even snorkeling on a plane wreck! More than six anchoring overnight places with diverse scenery and wonderful mangroves forests.

Please remember that in Venezuelan waters you have to embark aboard a crewed boat licensed by the authorities and with a Venezuelan ‘marinero’. As a consequence, if you expect to visit the country on board a bareboat or a un-venezuelan flag crewed boat, you should embark in another country.

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