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Yacht charter in the San Blas Panama

San Blas archipelago – Corazon de Jesus

The Pacific and Caribbean waters lap Panama – 100 miles separate the two seas! Panama Isthmus is a cultural and geographical link between two continents and is best known for its canal.
Panama offers as well one of the best eco-tourism adventures in the world protected by a very long reef. The navigation area of San Blas archipelago is extraordinary. Gentle breezes, small waves, short navigation (1-2 hours) between islands are of pure pleasure.
Bareboat yacht charter is not permitted in Panama. Renting a boat requires two conditions:
– The boat must have a working license
– A qualified crewmember is compulsory
Our boats available for yacht charter are the best you can find in San Blas: double cabins equipped with fans, fresh water shower, electricity on board and all the comfort one would expect of a sailboat.
Moreover, the cuisine is French, Italian and as a general rule international
Feel free to choose from our range of sailboats and let us organize your cruise!

Yacht charter in the San Blas Panama

The most beautiful area of Panama is located along the Caribbean coast: they are the 365 islands of the coast of San Blas.
The maritime and natural park of Kuna Yala, which was declared in 1983 an independent Indian territory, offers both its terrestrial and aquatic treasures.
The Kuna Indians still live according to their ancestral traditions: the culture of coconut and crabs fishing, lobsters and various fish aboard their wooden canoes called “Cayucos”.
Most of the community still speak the ancient Indian and women dress in traditional dresses crafted from the “mola” multi-coloured quilts representing fish, jungle animals or even geometric figures.
Of the 365 islands, only ten are inhabited or even crowded! Much of the territory is desert.


There are so many things to see in Panama! The local folklore is an amazing mixture of Indian and Spanish culture…
Panama is a preserved paradise for lovers of ecotourism.
The bio-diversity is by far the most complete in Central America: the rainforest has been protected since over half a century and is the sanctuary of Indians who continue to live there in a traditional way.
Darien forest is, for instance, an extraordinary spot for observing wildlife.
Panama City, the capital, is a delightful mix of old and new architectures.
Casco Viejo is the ancient city destroyed 500 years ago by Morgan, the pirate.
Needless to talk about Panama Canal, the most visited attraction by tourists.

  • Boat+crew
  • Luxury yacht
Bahia 4611760 €
4 8 14 m 2 x 36 hp
Destination : Panama
Build year : 2003
Lagoon 50021000 €
3 8 15.5 m 2 x 56 hp
Destination : Panama
Build year : 2011
Eleuthera 6021000 €
4 8 18.28 m 2 x 110 hp
Destination : Panama
Build year : 2008
Fly 68 EVO27000 €
2 8 21.6 m 2 x 1360 hp
Destination : Panama
Build year : 2008
    Catamaran 26M35000 €
    2 6 25.75 m 2 x 150 hp
    Destination : Bahamas
    Build year : 2004
    Yacht 72M455000 €
    13 30 72.5 m 2 x 2600 hp
    Destination : Caribbean
    Build year : 2005
    Liner 142M455000 €
    127 264 142 m 2 x 2300 hp
    Destination : Baltic sea
    Build year : 2010