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Yacht charter in Belize

San Pedro, Ambergis Caye, the Blue Hole

Belize, home to the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere and the second longest in the world, Belize offers superb calm water sailing, diving, snorkeling, Mayan ruins and more. With approximately 30 charter yachts in the whole country and over 175 cayes to explore, Belize is still truly an unspoiled getaway. With two bases, one in the North in San Pedro and one in the South in Placencia we are able to offer a wide choice of itineraries such as Rio Dulce in Guatemala or Bay Islands of Honduras .
Belize boasts some of the most pristine, unspoiled, natural beauty you will find anywhere in the world. An ample supply of deserted islands and beautiful cruising grounds await you! The 15-22 knot easterly trade winds of Belize’s sailing grounds will take you to some of the most amazing places you can imagine. There are hundreds of sandy cayes for anchoring all within the reef. The distance between anchorages is short and the shallow draft of the all-catamaran fleet assures easy navigation during your yacht charter in Belize.
Choose from our fleet of bareboat and crewed sailing and motor yachts.

In Belize , chartering a boat has one requirement

Bareboating outside the reef is not allowed:it’s not as well charted, which makes it more dangerous everywhere coming in through unmarked “cuts” in the reef and once inside the atolls, the shoal waters are full of coral rock formations that lie in so many areas in such numbers that the charts simply say “numerous coral heads or patch reefs”.
We highly recommend to have a local skipper aboard.

Marina and starting bases

Ambergris Cay is one of the most perfect location to begin your yacht charter in Belize. The town of San Pedro has long been the tourist capital of Belize with the main attraction being diving and water sports.
San Pedro is a very laid back fishing village with sand streets and a population of about 4,000. There are more golf carts than cars, and a plenitude of restaurants, bars, dive shops and souvenir shops. As you sail south, Caye Caulker is the last island with any real dining choices. This is also the last place to buy ice, drinks and food (except seafood from a passing fisherman). Water filling only in Ambergris Cay or Placencia. Most of our boats carry between 130 – 150 gallons of water, which is sufficient for a one-week charter however, conservation is always a necessity in paradise!

Caye Caulker

A relaxed fishing village with many choices for less expensive dining.
It’s a great stop for a fun night out and is home to several dive shops.
Heading south, it offers a last chance to provision.

Caye Chapel

This privately owned island has a fine marina and clubhouse with a pool and caters to the rich & famous.
An ideal location if you want to golf on vacation.

St. George’s Caye

The east side provides a great anchorage behind the sand flats.
Dining out is still possible at the only public restaurant, surprisingly called ‘Cottage Colony’.

Goff’s Caye

Goff’s is a tiny island on the reef just north of our main shipping channel, English Channel .
Boasting good snorkeling and a beautiful beach.

English Caye

A lighthouse marks the south side of English Channel, where this island offers superb snorkeling 1000 feet south on a huge coral patch.

Rendez-vous Caye

This is a jewel of an island also located right on the reef.
Another beautiful beach with excellent snorkeling all around, this is also a good location for scuba diving on the 60 foot outside wall.
Not a safe overnight anchorage, however, with it’s coral all around. This is a ‘must see’ day stop.

Bluefield Range

Providing a safe ‘lagoon style’ anchorage, the two fish camps usually offer a choice of fresh seafood for dinner.

Colson Cayes

Another safe anchorage with several fish camps, the Colson Cayes offer a shallow lagoon to explore by dinghy, with plenty of coral nearby for snorkeling.

Tobacco Caye

A fine overnight anchorage (unless in a northerly wind), you have several choices for basic meals and a few bars on the island.
There’s a dive shop for those who enjoy scuba diving and plenty of good snorkeling

South Water Caye

This is as far south as one would go in a week from San Pedro and as far north as you would travel from Placencia in a week.
An idyllic retirement island right on the reef South Water Caye is host to three resorts:

Laughing Bird Caye

A marine reserve Laughing Bird offers some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving you’ll find inside the barrier reef.

Buttonwood & Little Water Caye

Both cayes offer a fine lee shore for anchoring in any wind.

Queen Cayes

Located quite close to the reef, these three tiny coral islands offer great snorkeling

Ranguana & Tom Owens Caye

Both right on the reef, these islands offer good anchorages for a few boats per night and more superb snorkeling all around.

The Sapodilla Cayes

At the south end of the second largest Barrier reef in the world you’ll find a string of palm covered islands.
Lime Caye is a campground for several fishermen who keep a meal or two available in live traps for your dining pleasure.

The Rio Dulce of Guatemala

Just 25 short miles south of the Sapodilla Cayes lies the port of Livingston where you are required to check in and out of Guatemala .
A local restaurant provides a great stop along the way where they’ll pull your choice of fresh fish out of the live trap at the dock.

Strong points

Whether it’s calm water cruising, world class diving, rain forest trekking, Maya ruins, cave exploring or simply relaxing under a coconut tree enjoying the warm trade winds, you will find most things you are looking for.
Belize has proven to be the prime location for those wanting to escape the harsh winter of the North. Besides the favourable temperature, Belize is also a favourite destination because of the following:
Second largest barrier reef in the world including the famous “Blue Hole”, colonial villages, ancient Mayan ruins, tropical rainforest, rich fauna and flora, deep sea fishing, adventure sports …
Deserted bays and islands moorings
Fly and spear Fishing
Excellent diving
Excursions to Maya sites and guided tours of the country and region

Departure Tax

A tax around $20 US is charged when leaving Belize; this must be paid in cash or travellers’ checks (credit cards not accepted for departure tax.)

  • Bareboat
  • Boat+crew
  • Luxury yacht
Leopard 39004950 €
3 7 11.4 m 2 x 30 hp
Destination : Placencia
Build year : 2013
Leopard 4047605 €
4 10 11.99 m 2 x 29 hp
Destination : Placencia
Build year : 2016
Leopard 4447980 €
4 10 13.3 m 2 x 39 hp
Destination : Placencia
Build year : 2016
Leopard 46004850 €
4 12 14.1 m 2 x 40 hp
Destination : Placencia
Build year : 2011
Leopard 48006800 €
4 10 14.75 m 2 x 54 hp
Destination : Placencia
Build year : 2015
    Leopard 43007665 €
    2 4 13.3 m 2 x 40 hp
    Destination : Belize
    Build year : 2003
    Lagoon 477665 €
    3 6 14 m 2 x 40 hp
    Destination : Belize
    Lagoon 4714350 €
    3 6 14 m 2 x 40 hp
    Destination : Belize
    Build year : 1993
    Leopard 46009900 €
    3 6 14.1 m 2 x 40 hp
    Destination : Belize
    Build year : 2011
    Leopard 478365 €
    3 10 14.3 m 2 x 56 hp
    Destination : Belize
    Build year : 2004
    Voyage 50018550 €
    4 8 15.5 m 2 x 56 hp
    Destination : Belize
    Build year : 2007
    Lagoon 50016065 €
    3 6 15.5 m 2 x 56 hp
    Destination : Belize
    Build year : 2008
    Legacy 6526950 €
    6 12 19.8 m 140 hp
    Destination : Belize
    Build year : 1999